Structural colors on polymers by femtosecond laser irradiation

Most colors in nature are due to the presence of pigments or dyes. Artificial colors on different materials are produced by incorporating dyes in them. However, the brightest colors in nature, e.g. the colors of butterfly wings and peacock feathers, are generated because of the micro/nano-features on their surface. Unlike the added dyes or pigments in a material, the colors produced by surface features, also called structural colors, do not fade with sunshine and this colors are non-toxic. Laser irradiation can create structural colors on metals by an easy one-step process. However, structural colors have yet not been achieved on polymers by this technique. Furthermore, other techniques of fabricating structural colors on polymers use added nano-particles. This project will fabricate polymers with structural colors by laser machining. Moreover, added functionalities such as anti-wetting and anti-staining properties will be imparted into this colored polymers. These colored polymers can be used in pool liners and cool roofin

Faculty Supervisor:

Anne-Marie Kietzig


KM Tanvir Ahmmed


Canadian General-Tower Limited


Engineering - chemical / biological




McGill University



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