Structural Health and Wear Monitoring in Large-Diameter Rubber Mining Hoses

Mining products are frequently transported as slurries, which causes considerable wear within pipes. Large rubber mining hoses were found to have excellent wear properties. However, these hoses are still subject to wear, and wear monitoring is thus required. Unfortunately, systems currently available for this purpose have shortcomings. An improved rubber hose design with wear monitoring system is thus sought to increase inspection intervals, reduce cost and improve safety. A novel approach to wear monitoring is the focus of this project. Using an appropriate arrangement of conducting and non-conducting rubber layers and sections throughout the hose, an electrical signal may be obtained that is sensitive to the level of wear. The proposed project is to compile information on rubber properties, select an appropriate hose composition and conduct mathematical modeling to assess the effectiveness of wear monitoring in the proposed hose structure. Results from this study will direct the partner's development work in conjunction with mining hose manufacturers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pierre Mertiny


Jasjit Singh Mann


Syncrude Canada Ltd.




Mining and quarrying


University of Alberta



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