Structure-Property Relationships of Ethylene Polymers for Sealant Applications

Heat sealing is the most widely used sealing method in film packaging applications specifically in food industry. In this technique, two layers of film are melted and bonded together with the application of heat and pressure. In this project a rheological study (rheology and peeling) of a series of ethylene polymers will be performed to derive correlations between rheological properties and sealability for identification of optimum product properties. Good sealability of packaging of food products is crucial to public health as it ensures safety of the packaged goods and minimizes any leakage during transportation and handling. Good leak-free packaging also results in minimizing food waste for the consumer providing economic benefits and improves Canada’s sustainability efforts by reducing carbon footprint.

Faculty Supervisor:

Savvas Hatzikiriakos


Marzieh Ebrahimi


NOVA Research and Technology Corporation


Engineering - chemical / biological






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