Studies on the application of photocatalysis to capture methane and treat contaminated water with organic compounds

Recent developments in process industry as well as tight environmental discharge regulations required industries to recycle water which means removing contaminants and send it back to the process. Conventional treatment systems consume energy with large carbon footprint. Canadian economic movement towards decarbonization has lead us to focus our research on the development of a material and a passive system that captures energy from sunlight and converts to chemical energy, the result of which is mineralization of organic contaminants to non-toxic chemicals. The scientific theory has already been proven. Examples include self-cleaning window glass and self-disinfecting surfaces where medical applications occur under fluorescent light. This study focuses on the application of this technology to treat contaminated water such as water in the tailing ponds in a passive mode. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Gopal Achari


Gisoo Heydari


CMC Research Institutes Inc.


Engineering - civil


Oil and gas




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