Studies on uptake and translocation of patented active ingredients in plants

The Suncor/McMaster partnership is generating a pipeline of novel, green, agricultural chemicals to be applied as crop sprays. One of the challenges with treating plants by spraying leaves (foliar treatment) is targeting the transport of the active ingredients (AI) to specific parts of the plant. An example is preventing bacterial growth in the xylem, channels that carry water from the roots up the plant. The transport of AI on leaf surfaces to the xylem is difficult and possibly impossible in some plants.
The new McMaster/Suncor researcher will be developing methods to measure transport into plant tissues, including the xylem fibers and phloem tissues, and to enhance this transport by additives in the crop spray formulation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Pelton


Dong Yang


Suncor Energy Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological



McMaster University



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