Study of Cyclic Solvent Injection (CSI) Process with Carbon Dioxide/Methane/Propane Mixture Solvent

This project is to perform systematic studies to better understand key recovery mechanisms of mixture solvent CSI process and provide fundamental parameters for field-scaled prediction. For mass transfer, a methodology of measuring diffusion coefficients for multiple components simultaneously dissolving into heavy oil systems under bulk volume and porous medium conditions will be established. For foamy oil flow, its properties of non-equilibrium will be investigated by PVT measurement and depletion tests, respectively. The sequence of multiple components in the solvent released and the role of each component in mixture solvent with considering the effect of other associated components on foamy oil flow will be examined in depletion tests. Mixture solvent CSI tests will be conducted by five sandpack models. Numerical simulation models will also be built to perform history matching and predicting study. Then scaling criteria from laboratory tests to field applications will be established based on experimental results, numerical simulation models and field data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fanhua Zeng


Mingyi Wu


Petroleum Technology Research Centre




Oil and gas




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