Study of potential technologies for Net-Zero Housing

With the escalating global warming and its detrimental effect on the environment, there is an urgent need to reduce fossil fuel burning to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings are one of the large energy consumers and their contribution to the global greenhouse gas emissions needs to be reduced. Net Zero Energy Homes generate the energy that they consume. Equally important consideration is the Net Zero Water where the water consumption is equal to water production. For sustainable housing, it is very crucial to achieve Net Zero consumption in both Energy and Water. The proposed projects are focused on studying potential technologies for Net Zero Housing that would contribute to achieve Net Zero consumption in both energy and water. One project is focused on thermal energy storage technologies that are very crucial to integrate solar energy for heating applications. The second project is focused on exploring off-grid water systems and the utilization of renewable energies in these water systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kamran Siddiqui


Abul Bashar & Mona Hassanzadeh Jobehdar


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - mechanical




Western University



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