Study of the Mechanism of Action of Fluorescence Biomodulation in Tissue Regeneration and Acceleration of Wound Healing

Fluorescence Biomodulation (FB) is a novel technology that employs fluorescence light energy (FLE) to positively impact the three phases of healing. In the clinical setting, FB has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in the management of both acute and chronic wounds, resulting in accelerated wound closure while reducing inflammation, bacterial growth, and pain. The objective of this research project is to determine how FLE impacts biological pathways in the healing process to realize these observed clinical effects. Klox Technologies (the partner organization) is a Canadian start-up company in biomedical technologies. The proposed research help Klox better understand and explain the biological impact of Fluorescence Biomodulation, which will aid in the development of new advanced wound care products and improve patient care with better treatment options for hard-to-heal wounds.

Faculty Supervisor:

David R Hipfner


Mehrnoush Dehghani


Klox Technologies





Université de Montréal



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