Study of the performance of borehole thermal energy storage systems for provision of renewable heating

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems are suitable to bridge the existing mismatch between demand and supply. In current study, borehole thermal energy storage (BTES) is selected due to its advantages. The performance of the BTES can be affected by several factors in different patterns including design, operation, and geological and material properties. Although it has been proven that the BTES systems can be effectively dealt with the seasonal energy intermittency issues, the heat transfer mechanisms involved in these systems has not been thoroughly and systematically studied in previous explorations. Therefore, this research aims to conduct the thermal performance analysis of the innovative concept of coupling the thermal solar collectors to a BTES system to store surplus solar energy and provide upgraded heat when heating demand is raised on a Canadian residential building.

Faculty Supervisor:

Seyed Ali Ghoreishi-Madiseh


Sajjan Pokhrel


2356268 Ontario Ltd




Real estate and rental and leasing


University of British Columbia



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