Study of thermal energy storage solutions for a long-term, eco-friendly and cost-effective adiabatic compressed air energy storage system

It is vital to reduce today’s consumption of fossil fuels by using renewable energies like wind energy, solar or photovoltaic. However, majority of renewable energies are intermittent and not in phase with human electricity consumption cycle. It is therefore essential to develop energy storage systems to capture renewable energies when they are available and distribute them when needed.
Adiabatic compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) is a very promising technology. These systems are one of the few storage technologies capable of delivering several hours of high power. However, they need a device where a large amount of thermal energy can be stored. Also, this energy must be stored at a very high temperature in order to reach a good system efficiency. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Mathieu Picard


Nicolas Courtois


Sigma Energy Storage


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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