Study of Ultra-High By-Pass Ratio turboengine integration and noise reduction with Large Eddy Simulations. – Year 2

Jet noise is still the main contributor in airplane noise at take-off, which has been shown to induce health problems in the residents near airports that are now embedded in most large cities such as Toronto or Montreal. Engine manufacturers are now considering the Ultra-High Bypass Ratio (UHBR) type engine to further reduce noise. Yet the UHBR is a large shrouded fan configuration, having strong interactions with wings while integrated into the airframe. Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) of jet noise combined with acoustic analogy have shown great predictions during the last twenty years, but are usually limited to single jet configurations. The present project proposes to extend the most accurate and efficient turbulent flow solver AVBP to tackle the integration of the UHBR complex configurations at realistic operating conditions. This will help Mecanum extend its expertise in the development and applicationof computational aeroacoustic tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephane Moreau


Manqi Zhu


Mecanum Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense




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