Study on molecular level events during fouling on quartz sleeves in UV disinfection photoreactors

Ultraviolet (UV) photoreactors for water treatment comprise UV lamps encased in quartz sleeves, immersed in the water to be treated. Over time, these quartz sleeves become fouled with materials from the water, reducing the amount of UV available for treatment. This phenomenon requires that the systems be over-sized and often include costly automatic cleaning systems to restore system performance. This proposed project will study the molecular processes that result in fouling on the quartz surface, and investigate the effectiveness of anti-fouling coatings. Previously, we have utilized in-situ atomic force microscopy to investigate initial molecular level events of fouling. This project aims to build on previous work by studying the interfacial chemistry and speciation of the initial foulant material through the use of advanced surface characterization techniques.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ajay Ray


Nasrin Farhangi


Trojan Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological


Environmental industry


Western University



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