Study on Natural Gas Vehicle Options Status and Needs

Natural gas use in transportation sector has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from heavy truck, marine, light duty vehicles, and rail transport with a 20-30% reduction. It is proposed that a comprehensive scoping of research priorities related to natural gas vehicles and refueling infrastructure be undertaken. The outcome of this work would be a report identifying areas of research need, areas of research opportunity, and current North American research activities. The “need” arearefers specifically to research activities focused on reducing the costs of vehicle components and stations, and addressing performance or reliability issues. Environmental performance of natural gas vehicles will also be studied. The research conducted by various people and groups and the needs for the market will be evaluated based on the interviews with expert people, literature search, market assessment, etc. The research activities will encompass short-, medium- and long-term goals, and potential synergies between activities addressing different time horizons will be highlighted.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ibrahim Dincer


Ahmet Z. Ozbilen






Environmental industry


Ontario Tech University



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