Study the effect of magnetic liner on ball milling efficiency utilizing DEM modelling

HMR-Canada has introduced magnetic liners for grinding mills that will improve the mill performance and efficiency. Mill liners have two main functions. First they protect the mill shell from wear and deliver energy to the material by lifting the material in a trajectory that creates the energy needed to break the rocks.
Magnetic liners in specific add other functions to the liners. They attract scats and magnetic minerals that form a renewable protective layer, which would increase life span of liners and shell, easier and faster to install. Magnetic liners have been introduced before, but their design and shape were never optimised.
In this project the effect of the magnetic liner profile, the shape of the layer formed by the scats and magnetic minerals as well as the mill speed, on the charge trajectory, force distribution and energy spectra will be studied. The tool that will be used for this study is Discrete Element Modeling.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bern Klein


Reem Roufail


HMR Technology Canada Ltd




Mining and quarrying


University of British Columbia



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