Studying Gameful Design for Bite-Sized Information Consumption

MLD Solutions are facing the challenge of creating engagement with their online platform Mozaik.Global that allows users to create, distribute, and sell interactive digital content. This content is created in bite-sized units, currently visualized as cards. The key problem with this new type of digital content is that the company currently does not know how to make this content engaging. To address this problem, we will study the impact of gameful elements to motivate use of Mozaik.Global. Understanding how gameful design can be used for bite-sized information creation and consumption marks a significant research problem, because not many measures or methods exist to assess the effectiveness of such gameful applications in this specific context. Our primary deliverable in this project will be a user research report studying how gameful design elements motivate users in the context of bite-sized content.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lennart Nacke


Jin-Lan Andrew Cen;Mel Edens;Derrick Wang;Ekaterina Durmanova;Maria Karina Arrambide Figueroa


MLD Solutions Inc.




Information and cultural industries


University of Waterloo



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