Subjective Study of Visual Dynamic Range Limits using High Dynamic Range Video Materials


The emerging high dynamic range (HDR) displays provide a much larger range of luminances compared to conventional low dynamic range (LDR) displays, thereby improving the visual impression of the displayed images or videos. With the advent of HDR displays, a number of key questions have been raised regarding the design of modern HDR displays. Most of such questions are related to the relation between viewer preference/comfort and several key perceptual attributes of a display such as the maximum brightness and color depth of the display. In order to answer to these questions, in this research project, we aim at performing a number of human factor and subjective experiments using video material. The outcome of this research can be used by the partner organization for designing more efficient displays with higher perceptual quality.


Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ivan V. Bajić


Hadi Hadizadeh


Dolby Canada




Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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