Succeed and Stay

The Greater Saint John area struggles. Too many people are leaving, not enough people are moving in. If this continues, governments will have great trouble. It will be hard to pay for road repairs, keeping schools open and so on. Likewise, employers already struggle to find people for the positions that do open up. Locals either cannot or will not take the several hundred jobs that do exist. The region does attract some immigrants from outside Canada, but only about 25 out of 100 decide to stay here. This research project aims to find out why this is the case, and what governments and organizations in Greater Saint John to encourage people to stay here once they have moved in. If we can improve connections to new jobs, make services better and make it easier to settle here, the region will become more attractive and the economy will improve.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joanna Everitt


Mikael Hellstrom


Human Development Council




Health care and social assistance


University of New Brunswick



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