Success story ‘Cabot Link’ – Can luxury tourism development, and the inclusion of non-academic learning activities as a travel experience, help economically neglected regions in Nova Scotia to prosper?

This Research is an inspirational case study, addressing Nova Scotia’s challenged Tourism Industry, by investigating in an unprecedented tourism development in Cape Breton: The Cabot Links in Inverness Nova Scotia. Discovering the process in detail may inform and inspire, but also prevent similar projects from future delays such as those that beset one of the now recognized top links golf courses in the world. The study will be performed through review of literature and media reports, conducted interviews with key constituents and follow government documentation. New and novel projects, which are needed to help to expand Nova Scotia’s tourism industry, will want to learn from the findings of this research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ellen Farrell


Huschang Pourian


Cape Breton Schoolhouse Luxury Learning and Development Inc.




Professional, scientific and technical services


Saint Mary's University


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