Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Cannabis for processing into various forms

Avana Canada Inc. is undertaking the development of a supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) unit within its GMP facility for cannabis processing. Cannabis has been used for medicinal purpose for a long time. SFE is currently the best technology for bioactive components extraction. By carefully changing the operational parameters, the solvent strength can provide selectivity to the extraction process, thus adjusting potency of the extract product. Meanwhile, the composition of the raw plant materials, pretreatment of raw materials, and co-solvent addition strategy, separation conditions after extraction, play important role. Parameters mentioned above will be investigated systematically, to identify the best operational parameters for various final products. The industrial partner will gain economic and technical benefits through the establishment of an SFE unit within a GMP facility for cannabis processing, and a technology set on cannabis SFE. The Canadian cannabis industry can benefit from this research through the publication of this work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yonghao Ni


Bo Yang


Avana Canada Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of New Brunswick



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