Supply chain metrics during the product lifecycle

Ciena Corporation is a global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment, software and services. The company operates in a high product mix, low volume environment with short product cycle times. As a consequence, it has difficulty estimating product volumes and end-of-life inventory. The project will determine the best set of metrics during product lifecycle stages in order to measure supply chain performance, to estimate total product volumes, and to minimize end-of-life inventory. The study will use a product lifecycle framework to evaluate the metrics used by Ciena now and those suggested through the study of other companies. The data from several of Ciena’s historical products will be evaluated using these metrics and the framework. A supply chain process model will be simulated using the proposed metrics and supply chain data to evaluate potential supply chain performance.

Faculty Supervisor:

Vincent Thomson


Afrooz Moatari-Kazerouni


Ciena Corp.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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