Supporting Evidence-Informed Practice and Policy Making in the British Columbia Community-Based Paediatric Rehabilitation Sector

Community- based Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy for children and youth with support needs is delivered by non-profit agencies across BC that do not have access to resources and supports to ensure they are providing evidence-based practice. This research project will help the partner organization, BCACDI, understand how it can implement a system to effectively support these agencies. It will also develop a policy brief that will strengthen BCACDI’s ability to advocate for policy changes in the sector to support the evidence-based CO -OP model of supporting children and youth with Developmental Coordination Disorder. Ultimately, this project will result in improved delivery of services to children and youth with support needs in BC, and more cost-effective utilization of resources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jill Zwicker


Sara Izadi-Najafabadi


BC Association for Child Development and Intervention




Health care and social assistance


University of British Columbia



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