Supporting Ontario EcoSchools: Developing Theory into Practice

Environmental education programs have become widely accepted and implemented throughout Ontario elementary and high schools. Ontario EcoSchools has and continues to play a vital role in providing environmental curriculum resources and support tools to promote ecological literacy, however research has shown that a gap between principle and practice remains. The proposed research project aims to address this challenge by examining existing school resources and programs and identifying and developing hands-on tools and activities to support student learning within environmental education. As well, the establishment of environmental education support tools for the Full Day Kindergarten program will be explored to encourage the development of ecological literacy among young children. The result will be continual improvement of EcoSchools programs which in turn will enhance existing resources and tools, encourage collaborative and interactive learning to occur within the school community, and maintain EcoSchools mission whereby students become environmentally responsible citizens.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ian Colquhoun


Michelle Rondeau


Ontario EcoSchools


Environmental sciences




Western University



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