Supporting positive well-being of early career veterinarians

The aims of this research are to 1) assess mental health status and challenges longitudinally as veterinary students transition into working in the profession; and 2) develop a tool that is especially suitable to support positive mental health of early career veterinarians.

Questionnaires will be distributed to all Canadian veterinary undergraduate students in their final year and during their transition into the workplace to assess mental health status longitudinally. Individual one-on-one interviews with recent graduates will provide additional in-depth insights. We will involve veterinary undergraduate students and recent graduates to develop and evaluate a resilience training tool that provides strategies to increase mental health especially during the first years as practitioners.

This research will raise awareness of mental health issues in the veterinary community. Once its benefit is established, the program will be made available to all Canadian veterinary colleges, students, and recent graduates. VetStrategy will benefit by gaining information about the mental health status of veterinarians in Canada, including veterinarians employed by their organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caroline Ritter;Andria Jones-Bitton


Emily Morabito






Professional, scientific and technical services




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