Surfactant-Enhanced Soil Washing (SESW) of Bunker C Contaminated Soil


Soil washing (SESW) is a remediation process which utilizes surfactants in treating soils and sludges which are contained with one or more contaminants. This process, however, has not been employed on soils that are contaminated with Bunker C; a fuel derivative which is very common contaminant in many industrial areas and seaports due to its wide range use as fuel for ships and as a backup fuel in power plants and mining sites. Bunker C has been found in soils of an old mining site on Avalon Peninsula, NL, during the reconstruction of the mine. This research intends to investigate the optimum conditions for a successful removal of Bunker C from the soil through the SESW process, while testing the efficiency of Ivey-sol non-ionic surfactant during the treatment. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt


Abdulrazaq Zubair


Universal Environmental Services




Environmental industry


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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