Surfing the Innovation Wave: Accelerate Development of Eco-efficient Technologies for Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment

Global population growth, urbanization and changing climate patterns have increased the demand for potable water, wastewater reuse and value recovery from wastewater, treatment of industrial process water, and food and beverage. Consequently, there is increased demand for improved technologies that can provide sustainable treatment of water and wastewaters, and development of new fluid treatment methods. This research project will develop knowledge by combining new technological advancements in LEDs and Internet of Things with existing UV and filtration technologies to improve water and energy sustainability as well as develop products for new industrial applications. These efforts will significantly enhance Trojan Technologies long-term competitiveness. It is expected that this academic/industry collaboration model will greatly benefit the learning and experience of interns and help accelerate innovation at Trojan.

Faculty Supervisor:

Madhumita B Ray;Eric Johlin;Katarina Grolinger;Christopher DeGroot;Charles De Lannoy;Keith Warriner;Terry D'Silva;Jessica Carter;Margaret Carter;Justin Randall;Cheryl Ketola;Amy Turnbull;Ray Schott;Brad Smith;George Nakhla


Mohamad Amin Halali;Ahmed Shawki Ahmed


Trojan Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological


Construction and infrastructure




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