Survey on the Culture of Lawfuless

The proposed research project will examine the relationship between firms and the culture of lawfulness of the environment in which they are embedded. Specifically, the societal and cultural features that undermine the rule of law by promoting the normalcy of rule-breaking will be studied in terms of both how firms understand and are affected by them. I will be collaborating closely with the host country supervisor in reviewing the extant literature pertaining to relevant topics such as corruption, the rule of law, and the cultural and societal environment in order to create a theoretical framework from which to approach an in-depth study of the topic. The theoretical framework will guide the creation of a survey that will be administered to over two thousand Mexican firms in June of 2015 that examines their relationship with the culture of lawfulness – how it affects the behavior of firms, how it can create advantages and disadvantages, and more generally how firms understand the cultural environment in which rule-breaking becomes the status-quo The survey results will serve as a dataset that I will use for my dissertation. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Crane


Shoeb Mohammad






York University



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