Sustainability and energy independence for Indigenous communities in BC

Indigenous people, particularly on reserves, suffer from some of the worst housing conditions in Canada today. Inadequate housing contributes to mental and physical health problems, poor educational outcomes, family conflict, and outright homelessness. This research project will contribute to the housing solutions space through partnering with Cleantech Community Gateway and the T’Sou-ke First Nation to develop and model a sustainable, culturally appropriate prototype building and simulate its energy performance. Through research and community engagement, cultural and environmental influences specific to the T’Sou-ke Nation will be considered in the prototype design and energy modelling process. Concurrently, a review of the community’s existing building stock will be undertaken to determine building retrofit options that could increase their energy efficiency potential. Adhering to open-source standards, building and retrofit analyses will be incorporated into a modelling environment where simulations of performance and energy efficiency will be assessed. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Ralph Evins


Pierre Lachetti


T'Sou-ke Centre for Sustainability


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry




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