Sustainability planning and performance assessment in Maple Ridge, BC

The Centre for Sustainable Development at Simon Fraser University has been a leader in sustainable development theory and practice, in Canada and internationally, since 1989. The Centre stimulates sustainable development research and study in BC and elsewhere; collects and provides information about sustainable development; carries out sustainable development projects in partnership with communities and agencies, and facilitates effective use of university resources in responding to requests for assistance on sustainable development problems. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation envisions a healthy and vital community with enhanced quality of life for all. This project aims to help achieve this vision, by assessing the sustainability of Maple Ridge and helping the Foundation, the City, and the citizens in making decisions based on a long-term perspective and a shared language. The Maple Ridge Community Foundation will be provided with a customized sustainability performance framework that will guide the community on its path toward sustainability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Roseland


Maria Spiliotopoulou


Maple Ridge Community Foundation


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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