Sustainable and Reusable Face Masks for Combating the Spread of COVID-19

This project seeks to develop a novel, sustainable, self-sanitizing face masks for purpose of providing more robust solutions and mitigate the health risks for the front line workers and general public during this, as well as any future pandemics. This is accomplished by design of novel filters composing of cellulose derived nanofibrils and electrochemically exfoliated graphene, and 3D printing the lightweight, customizable face mask body. Cellulose nanofibrils are made of renewable, recyclable natural resources—pulp is the main source material—and testing to date suggests that it is non-toxic and its production poses no serious environmental risks. Graphene is chemically identical to graphite (widely used in pencil lead), and safe to dispose. anada has become a leader in production of new materials from cellulose, and the proposed project directly supports the development of Canada renewable sector while combating the spread of COVID 19 pandemic and climate change.

Faculty Supervisor:

Milana Trifkovic;Edward Roberts


Saqr Abuhatab




Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Calgary



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