Sustainable Development of Late-Life post-SAGD Reservoirs for Energy Recovery

What is left after late-life SAGD production is a large amount of valuable energy in the form of heat contained in the reservoirs. Instead of leaving behind the stored energy in a hot reservoir after many years of SAGD operation, considering energy recovery from post-SAGD reservoirs leads to lower carbon emissions by saving energy already injected in the reservoir rather than leaving it to avoid burning more natural gas; saving money for SAGD operators and helping to make operations more sustainable. The new life of extracting energy from post-SAGD reservoirs will extend the in-situ energy production profile improving the overall energy efficiency of SAGD life cycle supporting long-term sustainable energy development of in-situ SAGD operations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ian D Gates


Pachari Detpunyawat


Springboard Atlantic


Engineering - chemical / biological


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Calgary



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