Sustainable Development through the Effective Production and Use of Bio-Fuels and Integrated Bio-Refineries

The project concentrates on developing a holistic approach to integrate bio-refinery with multiple feedstocks. The proposal is directed towards the use of all types of renewable raw materials except food. The project examines the possibility of retrofitting an existing petroleum refinery and petro-chemical complex into integrated bio-refinery to emphasize the utilization of existing infrastructure for bio-fuels; bio-products and direct bio-energy production. The integrated bio-refinery is an integration of a number of processes combined with each other in an optimal process synthesis manner to produce marketable bio-fuels; bio-products and direct bio-energy integrating the sugar platform using bio-chemical routes and the syngas platform using thermo-chemical-catalytic routes. This will positively contribute to sustainable development and clean environment especially with regard to the green house gases achieving net zero CO2 emission and even negative CO2 emission in some cases. This will reduce the operational costs and benefit the industry and municipalities in Ontario and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ali Lohi


Ibrahim Mustafa



Engineering - chemical / biological


Oil and gas


Ryerson University



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