Sustainable Management of Abandoned, Lost, or Discarded Fishing Gear in British Columbia: Through the Lens of Local Stakeholders

A review of current literature will be used to develop an enhanced record of knowledge on the topic of lost fishing gear in British Columbia; specifically looking at the socio-economic and ecological impacts, regionally applicable case study solutions, best practice framework recommendations, and current policies on environmental management of marine debris in Canada. Results will be utilized to develop a regional best management practices for BC ALDFG that can be applied by local stakeholders. The ideas will be developed on the basis of sustainability principles and regional community action, where an all-hands-on-deck approach will be required to tackle this problem and therefore, a recognition of different approaches to engagement needs to be understood. Shared knowledge and perspectives of local stakeholder groups (particularly fisheries and extended fisheries industries) should be valued and integrated into all subsequent planning for the reduction of regionally lost BC fishing gear.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leslie King


Jenna Bright


Archipelago Marine Research


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


Royal Roads University



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