Sustainable production of engineered wood products in Northwestern Ontario: Developing harmonized decision models and standards for local materials

The global demand for engineered wood products (EWP) is increasing and in the last two decades, timber has captured substantial market shares from the mineral-based solid construction materials, particularly in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. Although, the production of glue laminated timber (Glulam) and cross laminated timber (CLT) engineered wood products has been growing in other provinces of Canada, there are no manufacturing facilities in Ontario to service the local and the Midwest and Great Lakes States markets. Leaf EWP is establishing a new value-added facility in Thunder Bay, Ontario to manufacture Glulam and CLT EWP from timber species available in Northwestern Ontario. The purpose of this proposed research project is to ensure sustainable production of the Glulam and CLT EWP from local material in Northwestern Ontario. The models to be developed in this research project will help in establishing standards for manufacturing, testing the flexural design properties, and ensuring the performance of laminated EWP produced from local species. The supply chain models proposed in this project, which focus on economic optimization based on available supply and global market demand, are unique in studying the trade-off between economic, social and environmental impacts of laminated EWP in Northwestern Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mathew Leitch




LEAF Engineered Wood Products


Resources and environmental management


Natural resources


Lakehead University



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