Sustainable production of xylitol from hemicellulose hydrolyzate of Lignocellulosic woody biomass and sugarcane bagasse.

The need for green technologies and depletion of crude oil has led to a search for renewable resources. Forest biomass certainly has the potential for the production of most of fossil based products. In the current project, one of the components of forest biomass, hemicellulose will be used to produce xylitol through fermentation process instead of following the existing non ecofriendly chemical process. Xylitol is basically used as artificial sweetener for diabetics and in some health products and hence has to follow safe production methods. By employing GRAS (generally regarded as safe) microbes and eco-friendly methods the process will reduce our dependence on crude oil for chemicals in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. Methods to increase the yield using woody biomass like poplar and agricultural residues like sugarcane bagasse will be studied.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sudip Rakshit


Sai Swaroop Dalli



Engineering - chemical / biological



Lakehead University


Globalink Research Award

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