Sustainable Urban Development: Homebuyer Expectations and Implementation Challenges

The main objective of this research project is to synthesize and evaluate the published and grey literatures on consumer perceptions of green real estate development and sustainable community design features. Current research on homebuyers perceptions, priorities, motivations, and willingness-to-pay has yet to be consolidated. The complex nature of these topics scatters research across several disciplinary sectors, making it difficult to integrate the data and make an informed decision for sustainable real estate investment. This synthesis will offer a comprehensive organizational model through which consumer engagement can be visualized, analyzed, and better understood. This research will seek to identify demand-driven incentives for sustainable community development that will hopefully act as a catalyst for the adoption of these sustainable development ideals in Canada. Arbutus Properties will use this research to inform future investigations into the ways in which sustainable real estate development can appeal to suburban buyers in Saskatoon.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maged Senbel


Anna Tirng-Ann Zhuo


Arbutus Properties


Urban studies


Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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