Sustainable water resources management on a watershed scale considering the impacts of climate change

Water resources worldwide have recently appeared as vulnerable to climate change that may both reduce water supply and increase water demand, leading to frequent and/or severe water shortages. Water resources in Canada are also at risk posed by climate change. Sustainable water resources management plays a vital role in reducing the vulnerability of the water resources to these challenges.

The objectives of the proposed research are to downscale the future climate change outputs generated from different RCMs and adapt them to the watershed in consideration (Big Creek Watershed in this case), to assess the impacts of future climate change on hydrologic regime and to evaluate the uncertainties in water resources availability for future climate change scenarios.

Outcome of this research, although proposed to be developed for agricultural section, it is expected to contribute to Canada’s water resources sectors, such as agriculture, navigation/transport, hydropower, municipalities/communities, ecosystems/environment to develop a sustainable management system under future climate change condition.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tirupati Bolisetti


Neeraj Kumar



Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


University of Windsor


Globalink Research Internship

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