Swishwash Island Tidal Marsh Restoration

This project focuses on physical and biological elements of small tidally influenced marsh channels on Swishwash Island in the central arm of the Lower Fraser River Estuary. In addition to fish data; marine invertebrate, vegetation, sediment, and toporgraphic data will also be collected and analyzed. This will provide insight into the practise of monitoring tide channels pre and post restoration and provide a basis for future monitoring and restoration efforts. Further more it will support future study that should seek to illuminate how these characteristics inform how they function as fish habitat. Increasing this knowledge will ensure better design and maintenance of these rare and important habitats for fish and wildlife. This research will add to the data set of a larger juvenile salmon monitoring project as well as help to inform Raincoast with its future endeavors in marsh habitat restoration in the Lower Fraser River Estuary.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ken Ashley


Kyle Armstrong


Raincoast Conservation Foundation


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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