Syntheses of novel 3,5-bis(benzylidene)-4-piperidone derivatives as potential anticancer agents

The principal objective of this proposal is to discover novel drugs to treat colon cancers. Currently colon cancer is a huge medical problem and there are many disadvantages to current drug therapies. These disadvantages include their ineffectiveness to completely eradicate cancers, causing toxic side effects and the development of multidrug resistance. A group of compounds discovered in the laboratory of the supervisor designated series 1 has significant potencies towards a number of human colon cancer cell lines. However it is unlikely that they will be effective when given orally due to their low water solubility. Thus this proposal outlines the preparation of analogs of series 1 which retain their anticancer properties but have increased water solubility thereby enabling the compounds to be given by mouth. Bertech requires novel anticancer agents in order to attach antibodies to them which are specific for colon cancers. In other words, this application is part of a long term strategy of Bertech to provide treatment for the detection and treatment of patients with colon cancer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. J.R. Dimmock


Swagatika Das


Bertech Pharma Ltd.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Saskatchewan



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