Systematic approach of equipment performance analysis using new Key Performance Indicators

The research proposal introduced is a development of a systematic method for evaluating the performance of Kraft process equipments from the point of 'view of energy, water and chemicals, using new and adapted key performance indicators. The objectives are (i) to develop new Key Performance Indicators adapted to the Kraft process operations and equipments to evaluate their performance regarding energy, chemicals and water utilization, (ii) to propose process improvement projects and validate their practicality with the mill engineers. Both the first and the second objectives of the internships will be applied on both partner mills. At the end of the internships, adapted key performance indicators will be developed. These KPls will help the industries to systematically analyze the performance of their processes, diagnose the causes of the inefficiencies and propose improvement projects for water, energy and chemical utilization. At these KPls could also be used in other Kraft pulp mills. At the end of the internships, guidelines will be developed to help the industries apply the KPls.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean Paris


Radia Ammara


Kruger Inc.


Engineering - chemical / biological




Polytechnique Montréal



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