Systematic Risk Mitigation Methodology Applied to the Bioénergie La Tuque (BELT) Biofuels Biorefinery – Year two

Bioénergie La Tuque (BELT) is promoting the development of a 200 million liter per year biofuels plant to be built by 2023 in La Tuque. The plant will use residues from forest harvesting as feedstock, which will be a first at that scale for a second-generation biomass biorefinery in Canada. It is critical for a project of that magnitude to achieve success, that risk associated with the biorefinery implementation are thoroughly identified and mitigated. In this project, technology and market risk factors are specifically targeted. The project methodology comprises the systematic incorporation of risk mitigation approaches in the definition of biorefinery strategies, techno-economic, and sensitivity analyses, as well as the organization of a decision-making workshop. In the latter, project stakeholders will assess the outcome of the evaluation of risk-related criteria defined considering the specifics of the BELT biorefinery context, from which preferred product-process strategies will be derived.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Stuart


Cédric Diffo Téguia


BioÉnergie La Tuque


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy


École Polytechnique de Montréal



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