Tackling Food Insecurity through Innovations in Collaborative Food Systems Governance

Food security is a growing concern in communities across Canada, along with a host of other challenges impacting the health and equity outcomes of our food system. Municipalities, whether big or small, find themselves at the front lines of these issues and there is growing recognition of the potential for municipalities to play a leading role in addressing food security and promoting healthy sustainable food systems. At the same time, there is growing interest in developing collaborative and inclusive approaches to food policy and food governance – the relationships, rules, practices and structures through which power and control are exercised and decisions are made over how food is produced/harvested, processed, distributed and consumed. This project brings these two elements together, to explore, model and evaluate innovative approaches to municipal food governance that enable governments and civil society actors to be active partners in fighting hunger in their communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amanda Wilson


Nathalie McSween


Tides Canada




Other services (except public administration)


Saint Paul University



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