Tailoring few-cycle pulses: Terahertz time-domain differentiator

The employment of THz radiation, i.e. radiation with frequencies falling between the microwaves and infrared domains, is arousing an ever-increasing interest in the last decade. Thanks to its invaluable features, such as transparency to the most part of the materials, negligible ionizing energy and availability of high frequency carriers, this technology is penetrating in lots of areas, spanning from medical care and homeland security to cultural heritage and telecommunication systems. However, the lack of reliable devices devoted to THz wave handling still has to be properly addressed. The project aims at developing the first demonstration of a completely integrated THz pulse differentiator, without the need to switch between the THz and electronic domains. This device will be the base for the design of THz modulators/demodulators and filters. TeTechS Inc. will use this technology to commercialize interconnects for broadband THz telecommunication networks, enhanced THz Time Domain Spectroscopy and new sensing technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roberto Morandotti


Alessandro Tomasino


TeTechs Inc.


Physics / Astronomy


Information and communications technologies




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