Tall buildings, reinforced concrete, wind, earthquakes,high-performance systems, resiliency, safety

Recent years have witnessed a boom in the construction of modern high-rise buildings in megacities around the world. It is important to design a high-rise building that can effectively withstand both wind and earthquake loads. Nonetheless, in current practice, the design of highrise buildings for wind and earthquakes is done independently. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop a set of integrated design guidelines for both wind and earthquake loads. The proposed research is focused on the development of tools and methods for efficient and reliable simulation, which will lead to an analysis platform for the understanding of the response of highrise buildings, subject to both wind and seismic loads. Kinetica is a leader in the design of tall buildings and the simulation tools developed during this project will create working platforms for Kinetica to advance its competitiveness and understanding of tall building design

Faculty Supervisor:

Evan Bentz


Deepak Raj Pant


Kinetica Dynamics Inc.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Toronto



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