Teaching Forests as Living Museums: Case Study Research for Innovative Practices that Further National, Community, and Environmental Sustainability

Innovation and change are critical in the management of environmental, social, and economic stewardship. Developing avenues for effective innovation growth is a worthy objective. This research examines the potential for innovation surrounding Teaching Forests in the Northern Hemisphere. Through evaluative and exploratory research, an inductive approach is taken using tools of survey and interview of key Teaching Forest Managers to create new knowledge on this topic. The benefits of this research are the identification of new ideas, of potential increase of innovation transferable to best practice, social and cultural enhancement opportunity, environmental wisdom for use and conservation of our natural environment, and the aid to community, forest managers, and policy makers, through provision of additional tools to implement in forestry management transformation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ann Dale


Melody Rooyakkers


Rural Institute for Culture and Heritage and Environmental Sustainability


Environmental sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services


Royal Roads University



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