TechBA: Strategic Design Process Research and Business Innovation Modeling

TechBA is a program run by the Canada-US-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) and supported by Mexico's Secretary of Economy, created to help provide access to the most dynamic business ecosystems for small and medium sized technology-based Mexican businesses interested in expanding into global markets. With eight locations in highly technologically competitive environments, its objective is to position Mexico as a world-class technology provider. Through this project, TechBA will enable previously selected partner companies to work with the graduate intern, Angele Beausoleil, in order to improve their strategic design methodologies. These companies are currently enrolled the TechBA Vancouver International Acceleration Program. The proposed series of sessions will directly benefit the companies in their national and international business strategies and will allow them to boost their performance in the national and international markets in the near future.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Moura Quayle


Angele Beausoleil


Jaguar Labs




Information and communications technologies


University of British Columbia



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