Techna Guided Therapeutics Cluster

The Guided Therapeutics (GTx) Core of the Techna Institute is developing innovative imaging technology and therapeutic approaches, and translating those advances to commercial and clinical applications. Working with our industrial partners Precision X-Ray and Elekta, the Mitacs-supported interns will develop new capabilities and tools for preclinical image-guided radiation therapy devices and radiosurgical techniques. With Precision X-Ray, the interns will work on developing the ability to use optical imaging to undertake unique preclinical studies in radiation therapy. The interns will also refine the radiation delivery methods of the preclinical irradiator to allow for dose painting. With Elekta, the interns will use a novel magnetic resonance imaging technique to better visualize the fine structures of nerve bundles near a tumour, and use that information to guide a Gamma Knife system in radiosurgery. Novel quality assurance and dosimetry tools will be developed to meet the needs of both industrial partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. David Jaffray, Patricia Lindsay, Robert Weersink, Young-Bin Cho & Mojgan Hodaje


James Stewart


Precision X-Ray




Medical devices


University of Toronto



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