Technical-economic cost modeling for scaled production of printable, organic solar cells

Traditional silicon-based solar cells are harmful to the environment and costly to manufacture. Polymer-based (organic) solar cells on the other hand are thinner and more flexible electronic devices that are economically sustainable and have high cost saving potential due to the printable nature of their manufacturing process. This project involves cost estimation and analysis of different processing steps that the partnering company may pursue for low to medium volume manufacture of its organic solar cells. The intern will familiarize with the solar power market in order to assist the partnering company in identifying and liaising with potential key suppliers and business partners. The outcome of this project will contribute to both short term and long term business development plans implemented by the partnering organization including: sales and revenue forecast, pricing strategy, operational strategy, etc. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Elicia Maine


Vivien Lo


iDme Technologies Inc.






Simon Fraser University



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