Technical Research on Unconventional Resources Development in Canada

Within this project, interns will review the peer-review literature on the four different topics: (1) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), (2) Hydraulic Fracturing, (3) Anomalous Induced Seismicity, (4) Surface and Ground Water access, transport, flowback chemistry, conservation, recycling, treatment and disposal after use in hydraulic fracturing operations.
The aim of the project is to perform the qualitative analysis of the listed subjects in order to compile scientific-based, unbiased information that will be used to update the partner website, presented at conferences as well as released to public in a form of bulletins. Moreover, student will be meeting regularly with the industry champions, to exchange the knowledge and discuss the most important aspects of the researched topics. The emphasis will be put on distinguishing true, scientific information from falsehoods and current misconceptions.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Eaton;Mirko Van Der Baan


Paulina Wozniakowska;Jieyu Zhang


Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources


Geography / Geology / Earth science





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