Techno-economic assessment of operating grid-scale super-capacitor energy storage for a wind power producer

Battery and energy storage units are one of the main sources of backup power in modern power systems to support the renewable power generation deficiencies in meeting the load demand. In recent years, the advancements in the charge/discharge efficiency, low cost, and long life of super-capacitor energy storage (SCES) technology have challenged conventional battery technologies. Besides, due to their high-power delivery capability, the SCES units are a strong candidate for supporting uncertain wind power production in a wind power generation complex. Atlas power generation Inc. has developed a SCES technology from inexpensive and widely available minerals which have the above-mentioned advantages. This research project is intended to execute a techno-economic assessment of investing in SCES units in a wind power production complex from the prospect of the wind power producer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Morad Abdelaziz


Vahid Asgharian


Atlas Power Generation






University of British Columbia Okanagan



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