Techno economic assessment of state-of-art innovative fast pyrolysis solutions in bio-economy processes

The present project will evaluate the techno-economic and environmental performance of an Integrated Biorefinery System that employs an innovative state-of-art fast pyrolysis processes for the production of bio renewable fuels in the bio-economy. A systematic design methodology will be defined using state-of-the-art process systems engineering tools which include market analysis, techno-economic assessment, cost accounting, energy integration analysis, life cycle assessment, as well as multi-criteria decision-making to identify forward the most preferred biorefinery strategies that fulfill the needs of the forest industry partner considering best case scenarios and critical risk issues. The outcomes of the project will illustrate the effectiveness of a comprehensive technical and economic framework for the identification of innovative biorefinery strategies within an existing Canadian paper and pulp mill that represents an attractive investment, and at the same time is environmentally beneficial especially with regards to climate change. The industry partner, Domtar, seeks to identify this solution in the context of their overall biorefinery strategy – and will be closely involved at all stages of the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Stuart


Geetanjali Yadav




Visual arts


Alternative energy




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